If so, what is that like? Some places (Charlottesville, Asheville, Seattle programs) were able to say they have done special trainings of all their staff on how to use pronouns correctly, they have gender diverse options in the EMR and intake paperwork, they have rainbows in clinic, etc. Current Residents There's not usually a required number of certain procedures I don't think, other than you have to do at least 10 vaginal deliveries to graduate and see a certain number of patients. Some places have you do more ICU, or population health, adolescent medicine, developmental peds, etc that isn't necessarily standard at all programs. Location location location!! This is different from a fellowship which is actually an additional board certification. I don't mean this to say you "punt" all patients with mental health needs, but think of it as, your patient deserves to see a certified mental health professional and not just a compassionate doctor, bc you cannot give an hour of your time during clinic and your therapists can! Welcome to Emory! I did not look at Emory at all, in SE I applied to Jackson TN, church health/Baptist in Memphis, St Louis mercy hospital, Charlottesville VA and Asheville NC. Emory University main site; Administrative Offices; Emory Healthcare; Give to Emory; Academic Calendars; Bookstore; Campus Maps; Shuttles and Parking; Athletics: Emory Eagles; Arts at Emory; Emory News Center Jennie McKown, MSHS, PA-C 600 North Wolfe Street Baltimore, MD 21287 Emory offers one of the most diverse clinical training sites in the country. Some places have tons of moms and kids. The Department of Orthopaedics at Emory University School of Medicine is a program rich in tradition, history and accomplishments. Our Residents We are fortunate to have a diverse group of residents from all over the country and world with varied backgrounds and achievements. Some FM programs don't touch gender affirming therapy and refer everyone to endocrine, or have never heard of it. A resident can also chose research electives in a number of programs including the Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit, the Molecular Neurobiology of Fear Laboratory at the Yerkes National Primate Center, the Center for Positron Emission Tomography, the Mind-Body Program and the Laboratory of Neuropsychopharmacology to name a few. Current family med intern (fresh baby doctor). We have a program for managing neonates of moms with opioid use. "Tracks" / fellowships: this is more of a thing at the western programs I applied to, Colorado especially. You will spend a significant amount of time on inpatient medicine, in outpatient continuity clinic, and will have some peds / OB. OB track may mean you do an extra elective, plus attend monthly workshops, get called first for deliveries / C-sections etc. The Emory University Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences has developed one of the most dynamic residency programs in the country. It is a field generally full of the nicest people, who want to serve the largest population of patients possible. Emory Clinic psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and nurse practitioners offer compassionate care for patients experiencing psychiatric conditions, including diagnosis and on-going treatment. Mission. Hurst began teaching at Emory in 1950, believing that his interests in teaching, writing, and research could best be pursued in the setting of academic medicine. I originally was very interested in unopposed bc I did a sub-I in Ventura CA, which is unopposed, and saw how incredibly hands on the residents … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the medicalschool community, Press J to jump to the feed. For your LORs, did you get them only from FM doctors? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a month or two or surgical training for FM residency? Emory also has clinical and research programs in ACGME approved fellowships in Forensic, Geriatric, Child and Adolescent, and Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry as well as fellowships in Community Psychiatry and HIV/AIDS Clinic Research Training. I got 2 letters from FM and one from a psychiatrist (I did a child psych sub-I and we had a great relationship). Everyone will do at least 1 month of OB, but that's the minimum requirement. I'm actually on my surgery rotation right now. I think there was an unopposed program in Colorado (St Anthonys) that seemed really cool but it was such a teeny hospital, like 100 beds. So just seeing those cases and trying to get a better grip on the anatomy is helpful. I have been incredibly interested in Family Medicine very recently, and just learned about opposed vs unopposed programs. And do you think it's necessary to get LORs from programs or specifically their director in order to be more competitive during interview season? Eli Mlaver, Emory. M.D., University of Maryland School of Medicine. I would say this is more the exception and many programs, esp large academic centers where there are a ton of other residents, you may do these rarely but probably not enough to feel comfortable doing them on your own in practice without additional training. The Emory Residency Program provides both excellent clinical training as well as opportunities to develop as an educator and researcher. Thank you! Not all family medicine residency programs prepare residents for academic and/or research careers. If you're lucky you won't have to manage surgery patients, I did not apply to any Texas programs basically bc my partner blackballed the whole state xD I think I looked at San Antonio and JPS briefly but not in any great detail. He completed his psychiatry residency training at East Carolina University and is a PGY-VI forensic psychiatry fellow at Emory University in Atlanta. If you want to take care of immigrants/refugees, take a look at what translator services they have. James Galloway, Wake Forest University SOM. Try not to take it too personally if it happens. That was a red flag for me but unfortunately this is true at many (NOT ALL) programs. Is it true that you don't have to do audition rotations for FM? Yay family medicine!! Johns Hopkins Hospital Physician Assistant Surgical Residency Program. The other thing to pay attention to is how much continuity OB you get. I mean of course if you rotate somewhere you should be higher on their radar than if you don't, but I didn't rotate at any of the programs on my rank list (other than my home program) so I didn't have LOR from any of them. There were great programs in Massachusetts, Utah, Montana, Kansas...I did not want to live in those places. You need a fairly strong application. Amazing flexibility. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The Emory Pediatrics Residency Program strives to produce pediatricians who possess outstanding clinical competence and a lifelong passion for inquiry. To request an Adult Psychiatry Outpatient appointment, please call us at 404-778-5526. Payne Whitney 525 East 68th Street New York, NY 10065 Phone: (888) 694-5700. Could you speak about how you chose it? Graduates of the Emory program are well-prepared to enter general pediatric practice, subspecialty training, or a career in teaching and research. So, I hope some of this information is helpful to you lot! Some fellowships are procedural to get you more "numbers" so it's easier to get credentialed to do things like vaginal deliveries / c sections at certain hospitals, some fellowships are things like "faculty development" which is basically a program paying you a fellowship stipend for a year while preparing to hire you on as faculty. You definitely don't have to do them, some people in my current intern class did a sub I out here and many did not. If you see a ton of prenatal patients in clinic, you will likely have the opportunity to do deliveries throughout your training, even when you're not on an "OB" rotation. The unopposed programs tend to be small community hospitals, which are great. I did not apply to them. This experience is complemented by a psychopharmacology clinic that begins in the third year. Many programs have "integrated behavioral health," which is AWESOME and means there are basically licensed therapists / social workers in the clinic who can see your patients, either by appt or they can literally drop in if you find yourself in a classic chief complaint: toe pain where the patient breaks down and starts talking about their depression (happened to me last week :) ). Some have more geriatric. : Don't be afraid to base your applications (at least partially) on being in a cool place you'd like to live. Home » Education » Combined Internal Medicine/Psychiatry Residency Program » Current Residents. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The Emory Emergency Medicine (EM) Residency Program actively works to recruit, develop, and train the next generation of diverse Emergency Medicine leaders with the skills and expertise to provide outstanding patient care, engage in cutting edge research, seek opportunities for service and advocacy, and invest in personal and professional wellness and resiliency techniques. Emory offers diverse clinical training and residents have rotations in a variety of settings including Emory University Hospital, Grady Memorial Hospital and the Atlanta VA Medical Center. I don't have the ACGME requirements memorized but everywhere will do a minimum 1 month of OB. Yeah, this is all part of individual program's curriculum. Residents have inpatient rotations in a variety of settings including Emory University Hospital, Grady Memorial Hospital and the Atlanta VA Medical Center. Welcome to the Residency subreddit, a community of interns and residents who are … UCLA, OTOH, is a powerhouse program in a very competitive location. Our Residents. By that I mean, as FM you will have a panel of patients you see throughout your whole training and not just during a 4 week block. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. PGY-1: Luke Beardslee, Albany Medical College. During 3rd year I really liked something about every rotation. For over 60 years, the Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program has provided the ultimate postgraduate clinical training experience in orthopaedic surgery. Peds: most programs have you do 1 month of inpatient and that may be all the required peds hospital experience you get. Family med also tends to have closer relationship with mental health than internal medicine, from what I garnered during medical school, Family med also has a ton of variety in possible practice settings, that can evolve over your career. Thank you for your interest in the Neurology residency program at Tulane University. Emory and Colorado aren't that much of a powerhouse program. We're a touchy feely bunch. Often there is a month of peds ED too. They also have a minimum of 2-3 hours of supervision provided on or off campus and participate in case conferences and didactic seminars for dynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy. Elective time: basically what it sounds like. The Emory Clinic Adult Outpatient Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Program provides care for a full range of psychiatric problems affecting adults. Every procedure on the floor is done by a resident, they run all the codes (including traumas), they do outpatient paras, chest tubes, everything. If you have a partner, you have to consider their needs too. In 2007, a five-year joint degree program in internal medicine and psychiatry was initiated, further increasing the diversity of training possibilities for our residents. A lot of the western FM programs have rotations at planned Parenthood or options for either medical and / or surgical pregnancy termination training in your conti clinic. Maybe it's my controlling nature but I did not want to just address one aspect of someone's health. If you believe you or a loved one may need mental health care immediately, our licensed behavioral health evaluators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 404-728-6222. A lot of places are doing this now and it was something I wanted. I did one "audition rotation" at Ventura and didn't end up applying there for personal reasons (program is great though, small community based just turned out not to be what I wanted). 77.1k As scientists, our treatments are based on continuous medical research along with years of clinical experience. I think they only have psych and OB residents in addition to family so you still run all the medicine stuff. Most common FM fellowships are OB, sports med, emergency but there are dozens. Situated in the vibrant port city of New Orleans, known for its delectable food, Mardi Gras celebrations, and jazz music, we are uniquely positioned to be able to treat patients and interact with colleagues from a wide variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. The Emory University Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences has developed one of the most dynamic residency programs in the country. Of course I think if you are super gung ho for one place it's always a good idea because no interview will give you the sense of a program like spending a month there will. Residents begin outpatient psychotherapy training in their second year and will have supervision in group, cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic psychotherapy. My favorite SE program was Asheville, I ranked them very highly. Here's where you could pick up extra OB, more procedures, transgender health, behavioral health, I mean literally anything depending on what's available. Upon completion of our fully accredited residency in Physical Medical and Rehabilitation, we believe our graduates demonstrate the knowledge and skills to be excellent physiatrists and will be leaders in PM&R. We offer eleven PGY-1 positions (nine categorical and two research track) and a limited number of second year positions for General Psychiatry. Emory's internal medicine residency program is named for John Willis Hurst, MD (1920-2011), a devoted medical educator and an international leader in cardiology. I also hated seeing patients on tons of contradictory meds and docs refusing to change any of them because "that's the PCP's responsibility." Residents in nursing homes (NHs) experience pain that is underrecognized and undertreated. Thank you for your time! Rachel Reed, Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science I loved OB and peds, and this is the only specialty where you get to take care of both. I really loved adolescent psychiatry but more so for my own personal interest and less as a "must" for all FM. Oliver M. Glass, M.D., is Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Psychiatry Residents' Journal. While it is possible to find Internal Medicine residency interview questions and answers pdf, Pediatrics residency interview questions and answers pdf, etc. I’m interested in family medicine. Being able to take care of all members of a family is super special. This approach prepares residents for careers in a field where the interface with all specialties is of great importance. I specifically applied to certain programs bc I thought they would be awesome places to live (AND they had a lot of the other stuff I wanted in a program :) ). I am at a rural continuity clinic and I've already done a circ, colpo and excisional biopsy in my first month. I didn't see as much support for addiction med & gender affirming care at some of the smaller unopposed places I looked at. I was freaked out about finding the one perfect program, but truly there are a ton of fabulous options out there and you don't have to hang your hat on just one! This is a subreddit specifically for interns and residents to get together and discuss issues concerning their training and medicine/surgery. You can do ER, medical director of nursing homes, outpatient only, inpatient only, with or without OB. If you were super interested and it isn't a core of the program, ask if they have elective opportunities. If you want to work with underserved populations, ask how many Medicaid and or uninsured patients they see. Ann Schwartz, MDDirector of Residency Education, Andrea Crowell, MDAssociate Director of Residency EducationAndrea.crowell@emory.edu, Copyright © 2019 Emory University - All Rights Reserved | 201 Dowman Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30322 USA 404.727.6123, Associate Director of Residency Education, | 201 Dowman Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30322 USA 404.727.6123, Combined Internal Medicine/Psychiatry Residency Program. This is more where family med shines, but again can vary by program just in terms of volume. They are just another member of your team and they will teach you a ton also. Because of ABFM (American board of family medicine) requirements, all FM programs are going to have a ton of similarities. We take care of Mom prenatally, deliver the baby, manage them in the NICU, follow both mom and baby outpatient. Dennis G. Foster, University of South Alabama College of Medicine. Some programs have more of this, some less. I just typed this up on the fly. I hope some of it is helpful. Susan Ratliff 1365 Clifton Road NE, Suite C2052 Atlanta, GA 30322 Email: [email protected] Website. Carolyn Davis, Ross University SOM. Some places (Ventura CA is an example) have you do a f*ckton. PGY-3 and 4 residents have 6 hours dedicated to direct patient care that may include intakes and psychotherapy (individual, group, and couple/family). I really like going to ortho cases bc I didn't see much during 3rd year surgery rotation and the knee and rotator cuff are hugely relevant to primary care! Nora Loughry. Nora comes to Emory from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, where she was active as a Medical School Admissions Interviewer, member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, and served as President of the Community Health and Addiction Team. Charleston Area Medical Center/West Virginia University http://camc.wvu.edu/internal/psychiatry/index.htm Program Director: Hani Nazha, MD Email: hanazha@hsc.wvu.edu 3200 MacCorkle Ave, SE Charleston, WV 25304 Phone: 304-388-1020 Fax: 304-388-1041 Coordinator: Angela Webb, angela.webb@camc.org Duke University Medical Center http://education.psychiatry.duke.edu/training-programs/combined Interim Program Director: Jane Gagli… It's not about teaching you surgical techniques (maybe there's one program in the country that teaches you to do appys) but more about exposing you to the common surgeries your patients will have and maybe getting some suturing practice. Hi! I did apply to a not-so-highly-regarded program in Chicago and didn't get an interview, so who knows. Hey! Usually you can do anything under the sun including global/international rotations. -terrible lifestyle in residency -god i just hated third year and I don't want to be this depressed during residency too tl;dr I'm thinking IM because I'm incapable of making decisions and don't want to specialize too soon, but I've seen too many scary posts about how IM residents are so burnt out. Depends on the program but some places may have you manage floor patients, some places you rotate thru trauma service and go to all the codes, you may go to cases to practice closing skin. Each year we typically receive more than 1,200 applications and interview approximately 130 candidates. They say Pacific Northwest and California are "hard to break into" from outside those regions, but don't let this stop you from applying. Outpatient population: covered in previous but this is super important. This basically means they have curated extra opportunities in those areas and you can elect to be part of that track and maybe have an extra certificate at the end. I did not look at Emory at all, in SE I applied to Jackson TN, church health/Baptist in Memphis, St Louis mercy hospital, Charlottesville VA and Asheville NC. But generally I would just say do what you want. metrics for reddit is a tool for tracking statistics of 2,442,408 subreddits (1857 created yesterday) and discovering the fastest growing communities on reddit. Use these questions to see if the program will meet your goals for an academic or research career. The graduates of these programs have become leaders in the field and the fact that Emory is ranked very competitively in NIH funding for postdoctoral fellowships demonstrates our commitment to developing research careers in our trainees. Welcome to the Residency subreddit, a community of interns and residents who are just trying to make it through training! I will if I need to but I would love to use my electives for specialties that I'm especially interested in and will help me be a better PCP in the future (doing addiction medicine next month, want to do derm, I've heard neuro and ortho are very helpful). I moved my rank list around for my partner and it worked out! Home » Education » General Psychiatry Residency Program. Home » Education & Training » Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency Program » Current Residents. What do residents do after graduation? I didn't really have any mentorship from other students who had applied FM and largely figured everything out from scratch. Our doctors specialize in the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders. Regional: ask me more about this if you have specific questions. The Emory Residency Program provides both excellent clinical training as well as opportunities to develop as an educator and researcher. Also important to think about payer model. This is an additional 1-2 years depending on program. Dont work your butt off 4th year but OB was a steep learning curve and it might have been nice to be a little more familiar with managing an induction before my rotation! Okay y'all that was a f*ckton of info. The culture of family medicine is also very attractive to me. The Emory Critical Care Center NP/PA Post Graduate Program values diversity in different racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds as well as age, gender identity, disability and years of experience in the health care field. So, personally my mom is an FM doc and I got to see the variety of stuff she does and also how much she still loves her job after 30 years. B.A., Connecticut College. Something to keep in mind if that's important to you. I originally was very interested in unopposed bc I did a sub-I in Ventura CA, which is unopposed, and saw how incredibly hands on the residents were there. Where can I find tips from a hot former M4? The Department of Rehabilitation at Emory University is committed to excellence in residency education. Every program is opt-out, so if you don't want to do abortions you will never be required to, Sports med: if your program has a sports med fellowship/track that's probably a good indicator that they have at least one faculty who is sports med certified and can teach you everything about injuries and joint injections you'd ever want to know, Behavioral health: some programs let you get CBT training. Recruited from all over the world, Emory University Department of Emergency Medicine residents train alongside high-functioning residents in other specialties to foster both personal and professional collegiality. Now outpatient procedures would be things like circumcisions, colposcopy/LEEP, derm stuff like removing lipomas/skin lesions. Please click on the PGY-1-4 links below to learn more about our residents. Starting in the second year, residents participate in clinical electives in areas as diverse as child psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, treatment resistant depression and forensic psychiatry. This pain contributes to a decline in quality of life. But the large academic centers see tons of specialized pathology and have a ton of interdisciplinary resources. I also asked about gender affirming care (hormone therapy), and what their clinic was doing to make LGBTQ populations feel more welcome.

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