Women balance baskets of greens and garden vegetables on their heads. A. dubius is the only known polyploid Amaranthus, but its origin remains uncertain. Filipino soup based dish sinigang with kalunay leaves. Description (After Townsend, 1985)An annual herbaceous plant. Amaranthus deflexus L. Amaranthus edulis Speg. Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on June 25, 2013: I remember eating this as a child in the Philippines - but I don't think I've seen it here in Southern California. Amaranthus dubius, the red spinach, Chinese spinach, (simplified Chinese: 苋菜; traditional Chinese: 莧菜; pinyin: xiàncài), spleen amaranth, hon-toi-moi, yin choy, hsien tsai, or Arai keerai (அரை கீரை) is a plant species. Amaranthus tristis var. And that is by experience. Amaranthus hybridus is a ANNUAL growing to 2 m (6ft 7in). Also known as: muļļu keerai, since some wild strains can have thorns (muļļu is Tamil for thorns): ordinary arakeerai (Amaranthus Dubius) is closely related to, and practically indistinguishable from Amaranthus spinosus–except when thorns are present. Botanical Family Amaranthaceae. Soon these will all turn brownish in color and reseeds itself for us to step into the patio one day with a lot of new young seedlings. Accepted name Brède malbar Plantae > Tracheophyta > Magnoliopsida > Caryophyllales > Amaranthaceae > Amaranthus > Amaranthus dubius Mart. Message The user has shared this species from WIKTROP Portal v2.0 with you. Cooking notes: The wildest of this batch of amaranth greens, arakeerai is a great substitute for greens in just about any dish. These petty traders are no strangers to the women who rush out to meet them. Voting this Up and Useful. * This usually grown leafy vegetable in Asia is a self-sowing plant and you'd be surprise how many young sprouts you will find the next year. 6.4 Amaranthus spp. Ex Thell; Preferred Common Name. “But those are not always available,” our watchman chimes in, himself a farmer at heart. Your photos are excellent, too. Amaranthus dubius Mart. Amaranthus fasciatus Roxb. Palaeobot. Erect, monoecious, annual herb 2 m, sometimes becoming much branched, stout and succulent; stems green to pink, glabrous to sparsely puberulent. Amaranthus dubius is known in different names and is known in the Philippines as kalunay. Homonyms Amaranthus dubius Mart. ex Thell. But do remember that just about any amaranth can be prepared as a dal kootu as well. Could be mix with other greens for a salad too :). Albersia gracilis Webb & Berthel.. Amaranthus acutilobus Uline & W.L.Bray. It isn't uncommon for it to bend downwards because of the weigh. Or it can be used to treat boils. Their distinctive calls are broadcast over quiet, early morning miles. It is hardy to zone (UK) 6 and is frost tender. Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. :). Grain amaranth was an important crop for the preHispanic, New World civilizations. * Some leaves of spleen amaranth can be as huge as a hand if the plant loves the soil. The top of this spleen amaranth was pinched off for a dish calling for the nutritious green leaves. Appl. The leaves of the plant is consumed as leafy vegetables and is added to soups, stews and is sauteed with other vegetables. Amaranthus dubius : Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0) Acquired: 1996 : Notes: Reference for: Amaranthus dubius ... Common Name: Scientific Name : TSN: In: Kingdom Go to Advanced Search and Report . I’d love to know what you do with amaranths, too. But reading recently that the two are the same, and that kulitis is the Tagalog word while kalunay is the Ilocano, it somehow questions the difference I've known since. According to Useful Plants of Boyacá Project under the synonym Amaranthus dubius Animal Food Used to feed pigs when food is scarce (Correa & Bernal 1989). Known Hazards. Do check out her page for some beautiful stories and facts about this […], Your email address will not be published. Cooking notes: If the stems are tender enough, no need to separate from leaves. While the leaves of spleen amaranth is used in many Filipino soup based dishes, it is consumed as well in other countries simply being boiled or steamed and is served with lemon juice and olive oil. Amaranthus dubius is known in different names and is known in the Philippines as kalunay. Amaranthus flexuosus hort. [Sidenote: I wish she’d get back to blogging again, she once was quite the brilliant blogging trailblazer!]. Precy loves to write about many topics, including how to grow some of the most wonderful plants in the world. General Information Amaranthus dubius is a vigorous, erect, annual plant with a branched stem, growing from 30 - 150cm tall[270. Amaranthus flexuosus hort. Health Benefits of Amaranth. The leaves are ovate in shape and becomes shorter distally. * Kalunay, (amaranthus dubius) is valued by people all over the world as a leafy vegetable. Amaranthus blitum NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. A lot of good information about the Chinese spinach. ... Amaranthus dubius K.Krause Amaranthus dubius E.H.L.Krause Amaranthus dubius Mart. In some cases this results in data from more than one variety included in the graph. Never heard of this before. Home grown, spleen amaranth could provide enough leaves for every time you're up for a recipe that calls for the leaves. Amaranthus is called by the name Doodo in Luganda Common Amaranthus varieties in Uganda Amaranth is usually grown for its grain, foliage leaves or even both. Symbol Key - AMDU. [Source 1] [Source 2] [Although according to this source, it’s Amaranthus Polygonoides, the prostrate pigweed]. Preferred Scientific Name. It is hardy to zone (UK) 6 and is frost tender. Amaranthus dubius is a weedy plant widespread throughout the humid lowland tropics. English. At the end of it all, I know my greens about as well as I know Noila: in fragments, a bit learned this morning, a bit more the next. SYNONYM(S) : Amaranthus tristis Moq. Flowering stem Photograph by: Forest and Kim Starr. Bledo in language. Amaranthus tristis Willd. Common name: Amaranth Local name: Ekichabo, Dodo Country: Kenya Food Group(s): Seeds and nuts. It is also known as Amaranthus hypochondriacus, Amaranthus frumentaceus, Amaranto, Chua, Amaranthus leucocarpus, Red Cockscomb, Velvet Flower. Amaranthus vegetables/greens is a common side dish on Uganda menus. Young spleen amaranth or kalunay as it's been called in the Philippines sharing the spot with bok choi. Some we let mature and pick leaves as needed.

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